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A Cherub’s Grief

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Today Even The Angels Cried by trisheroverton

I recently attended a funeral of a friend’s twin sister, Charity, who died at 27 of osteosarcoma, the most common type of malignant bone cancer, in Batangas City. Such a tragic loss of a beautiful, young mother of 4! While everybody was paying respect as fresh cement seals her tomb in their family mausoleum, I gently touched Charmelle, her cherubic 2 year-old daughter, who was being carried by her mother’s twin brother’s girlfriend, Joy, next to me and whispered to her, “Say goodbye to Mommy now.” To my astonishment, tears fell on her beautiful face for no reason, for she was not obviously upset about anything, as if to silently grieve for her mother. Wait, she was silently grieving for her mother! She didn’t make any sound — not even a whimper — as she just teared up and leaned her face on Joy‘s right shoulder.

Everyone soon started to notice this heart-wrenching scene of what I can probably surmise as an unexplainable daughter’s bond to her mother. Instinctively, the women, most of whom were mothers, gathered around her and kissed her and comforted her and caressed her and stroked her hair though she still remained soundless, her face tear-stricken. I cried a sad tear, too, behind my sunglasses, emotions flooding my heart as I grappled to make sense of this incredibly touching spectacle.

One thought raced prominently in my head: an admiration for what seemed to me was an amazing display of tribal bond between women and how they respond almost instinctively and in unison to such an emotionally-charged moment. They surely know how to grieve gracefully and how they can make you feel the beauty, agony, and depth of a cherished relationship, even for a two-year old!

God bless the world for Charmelle. God bless the world for all the women in our lives who make us feel complete, or whole, or vulnerable, or stronger. They are what make any relationship — as a mother, daughter, sister, lover, friend — intricately more complex yet simply, intimately more rewarding… a relationship worth taking to your grave.

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Written by nealm

30 June 2009 at 12:11 PM

4 Responses

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  1. Thank you for your recent comment on my blog. Your words are very generous. But, If you may allow me, I feel you are equally talented with your writing. I remember listening to an interview with Neil Gaiman where he told of the many times writers have questioned him about their own careers. Neil mentioned that he has met many, many talented writers who have got the craft, ability and talent to match the very best. The one thing they were lacking was the input of real life. He told them to travel, have your heart broken, join the circus just go and live some life. That way you will have much to draw on in your writing.
    I have lived much and traveled far and wide through both personal and professional means. As a creative director, artist and poet I believe my imagination to be varied and powerful. My lack of technical ability when it comes to writing I work on very hard.
    Your comments about success intrigued me as although I have won many awards through advertising, was the youngest ever creative director for Grey Worldwide, had exhibitions with my art and been published with my writing I do not consider myself as successful. This is because my father told me when I was young that there is always someone you can learn from and is better in some shape or form than you.
    So every day I look at the best in advertising, art, writing, poetry and so on to see how, why, the influences, the styles and techniques that the greats both present and past use. I also look at blogs such as yours and I have learned from you.I believe every single person on this earth is successful, has things to offer and can teach something about their life and experiences for as Neil Gaiman said experience is the catalyst for creation. I hope you have a wonderful day sir.
    Take care your friend Alan.


    2 July 2009 at 3:13 PM

    • Alan,

      I’m struck by your humility and your openness to learn. No wonder you send an unmistakably powerful vibes across the oceans and across the computer screens. 🙂

      I’m grateful for the kind words and the words of wisdom as well. I remember a saying tucked away in my memory that says something like this : I am the sum total of everyone that I have met. How true. So I look forward to learning from you, too, through your amazing posts. In fact, I’m linking to your site that way other people will have the same privilege to learn from you as well.

      I’ll check out Neil Gaiman, too. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I’m kinda sick now but it is food for the soul to talk to good people like you.

      Take care.




      2 July 2009 at 3:59 PM

  2. You wrote powerful and stirring words that I found myself crying when you described how tears fell from Charmelle eyes. Hope she’s ok.

    Soraya Julian

    19 August 2009 at 2:51 PM

    • Love is a universal feeling and so is grief. It is a very touching moment. I’ve been planning to post her actual picture when I do get the chance to visit her hopefully soon. Thank you, Soraya.

      the digitizer

      19 August 2009 at 4:31 PM

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