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Humans vs. Simians: Peeling A Banana

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11971185651793535779antontw_Monkey.svg.medThis could be the most mundane task involving one of the most popular fruits : peeling a banana. Chances are, you might have wolfed down hundreds of them in your lifetime already, but it never crossed your mind you’ve been peeling it wrong, like, well, a human. Who to teach us how to do it best than our closest animal cousins which have perfected it, right? A video of a monkey actually  peeling a banana can be found here, but a human simulating a simian? Now that is far more interesting! So here’s Kyle Bradshaw expertly demonstrate it (in his pj, no less) as taught by his friend, Britney, who saw a monkey carelessly revealed this pre-Darwinian secret. It’s like the he-said-she-said-it-did kinda second-hand account but as long as you can seriously take the misery off of peeling your dang banana, who cares if Britney turns out to be a you-know-what? So the next time you enjoy that luscious and sweet banana hassle-free, you have Kyle to thank for (and Britney, of course, who had the human sense to decode this simian secret and, of course, to that monkey)! 😉 You can tweet him if you want to thank him for the tip and the video.

I wonder what happened to that monkey (no, I’m not talking about you, Freddie)…

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11 July 2009 at 10:46 AM

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