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Offline Blues

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It’s 12:20 p.m. and I am at a cybercafe trying to normalize my life without an internet connection at home for about, oh, a week now. Blame it on Digitel‘s incompetent, unprofessional and unacceptable business conduct (it’ll be one pithy post to come, I tell ya). Anyhoo, as I am trying to tinker the keyboard to coax the words for every angst I have, I can’t pry my eyes away from the line of black ants on what-used-to-be-off-white-but-now-kinda-cream-colored wall right behind the monitor I’m using, while hearing the kids (who probably skipped school) massacre each other in their MMOGs (that’s Massively Multimedia Online Games for those of us mortals) and one attendant sleeping on the couch obviously unnerved by the noise and the sea of humanity (this is a 24-hour internet shop, so yeah, I have the heart to understand, too), while the other attendant is blasting his stereo listening to Semisonic‘s  “Closing Time”  (at 12 noon?) and watching a rerun of Warner Bro‘s “Daffy Duck“…  I don’t know which is worst : not having my internet or being online in this surreal environment. Is that why they named their shop Yeko ? I dunno. I just wanna swiftly reply to incoming emails, update my blog, smooch with my Facebook friends, and off I hie to an even crueler offline world.

I’ll let my wrath brew and stew on it for quite a bit and then dump it on Digitel later, replete with complaints to NTC, DTI, even write poor (I meant filthy rich), old John Gokongwei for all I care if it will get me reconnected.

Ugh, I’ve had enough of Daffy already. I’m horrified at the thought of it’s voice ringing in my phantom ears later. Go!

Meanwhile, I can continue reading my orphaned books and take our 4 dogs to walks more often in the open fields near our place while waiting for Digitel to reconnect my digital life.

I think I have breached the line that blurs the online from the offline. It feels so unreal to be disconnected from my virtual life. Whether this is a bad thing or not, there’s no denying the impact of this 24/7 connectedness with the world at least in my experience. However, much like a computer unit that needs to be rebooted (well, if you are a PC user, that is) once in a while, getting this digital respite is the perfect time to revisit pre-digital predispositions and connections. That certainly gave me more bite on reality than bytes on virtuality, whatever that means.

Now, I have a bigger bite  to clamp on Digitel if you’ll excuse me… [d]*


Written by nealm

23 September 2009 at 4:41 AM